<Types of Equipment Loans>

  • Equipment Purchase: New & Used
  • Debt Restructuring: Consolidating multiple loans to one for lower payment
  • Sale & Leaseback
  • Business Line of credit based on Equipment Owned

When you need to purchase machinery and equipment for business use, you have the option to obtain a loan. Instead of paying the full amount in cash upfront, you can receive the machinery and equipment first and make monthly payments to the loan company.

The approval process typically takes 1-2 weeks. Once approved by the loan company, the lender will pay the amount to the company selling the machinery and equipment. The principal and interest will be deducted automatically from your business checking account on a monthly basis. 

Compared to other types business loans, this financing option offers several advantages. The process is faster, the interest rates are favorable, and the maximum term is 7 years since the machinery and equipment you purchase will serve as collateral. All approvals vary depending on the business status and program. We can assist you in obtaining the best conditions among various bank and non-bank machinery and equipment loan programs. We offer free quote without obligation.

​Equipment Purchase Loans

  • Amount $10,000 - $5,000,000
  • New & used equipment purchase
  • Term:  2 - 7 years 
  • Monthly automatic payment
  • Rates: 6%-18%, start ups 10%-24%  
  • Processing time: 1-4 weeks
  • ​Minimum credit 650