Bank Business Lines of Credit 

  • ​Line of Credit Amount: $25,000 - $250,000 per bank
  • Variable ​​Rates: Prime (6.25% now) + 2 - 4%
  • Term: Revolving
  • ​Monthly payment: minimum interest only
  • ​One Time Fee for Opening Accounts
  • No Collateral  
  • ​Loan Processing Time: 2-3 weeks

<​Pre Qualifications>

  • ​Minimum 2 years in business
  • ​Personal credit fico 700 above
  • Tax Return Revenue $350,000 - $10,000,000​
  • ​Tax Return Loss less than $100,000
  • ​Only for Green Card holder or Citizen
  • ​Restricted States - Business Not in LA, HI, AK, AR, MT, MS
  • ​No criminal record
  • ​No federal or state tax liens
  • ​Restricted Industries: Gambling, Bail bond, Pawn shops, Non profits, Farming & Car dealers

​<Docs for Pre Qualification>

  • ​Last Year Business Tax Return
  • ​3 Recent Months Business Bank Statements
  • ID
  • Application

The business lines of credit can be flexible, convenient and low cost. They are revolving accounts like credit cards, You pay interest for the amount you used, the term used and you can keep using it as you pay.  We have 3-5 different business line of credit programs, but they all have different qualifications and guidelines. The bank business lines of credit may be the best rates and terms but they have very different qualifications, guidelines and processing.  We offer free approvals for all options without obligations.

Business Lines of Credit

  • Business revolving account
  • Create your own online account
  • ​Draw any amount at any time
  • Available credit replenishes as you pay
  • Monthly or weekly payment
  • Starting rate 8%
  • Only pay interest for the term used​​
  • Call for qualifications
  • 3 Recent months bank statements needed